Honored to have been a part of Yoko Ono's "Arising" exhibit which showed in the Museo Memoria y Tolerancia in Mexico City from February to May of 2016. 

This is such an important and powerful project; encouraging women to speak up and share personal stories about times they have felt belittled and hurt by men, solely for being female.


My piece reads: "Dame todo lo que tengas." Me gritó al encañonarme. Con su pistola pegada a mi frente, arrancó las prendas que guindaban alrededor de mi cuello, y la cartera de mis manos. Cuando vio que no quedaba más nada para quitarme, me amenazó con quitarme la vida. "Corre o te mato", me dijo. Y corrí.


Translation: "Give me everything you've got." He yelled while pointing his gun at me. Holding his weapon hard against my forehead, he abruptly pulled the jewelry that hung from my neck, and the purse from my hands. When he saw that there was nothing else to take from me, he threatened to take my life. "Run or I'll kill you", he said. So I ran.